• The Encounter Collection

    A beautiful movie of an object passing from a father to his son.

    The Encounter Collection from Process Creative on Vimeo.

  • Hyperlapse tech

    An amazing use of Google street view technology, these guys developped a system to create timelapses based on gmap’s API.

    Google Street View Hyperlapse from Teehan+Lax Labs on Vimeo.

    The called it hyperlapse and you can genereate your own with the demo here: http://hyperlapse.tllabs.io/

  • Goodbye Kodachrome

    Enjoy the last moment of legendary Kodachrome film with this documentary from National Geographic on Steve McCurry latest project.


  • We need to change education

    In this Ericsson video, you will see explained the revolution of education that has just begun. Schools forced children to fit in its bureaucratic style instead of adapting to the children’s needs.

    School and universities have trained for years batch of factory workers, but as Seth Godin said, we don’t need them anymore. We need people able to adapt to change, people inspired and passionate about solving problems of all kinds.

    Our education system needs to change now. A lot of initiatives are emerging using online tools to reverse the way we educated before. Now the children learn their lessons online and the teacher help them doing exercise and explain on a more face-to-face basis. The most famous initiative is the one launched by Salman Khan and supported by the Gates foundation https://www.khanacademy.org/ .

    Most of these enterprises are lead by american foundation, companies or universities. I would dream that Europe and France understand the urge to launch our own versions. If we don’t act now, the diversity is going to decrease. I don’t mean that this education revolution is a threat but we need to see more countries involved in this process. Unless we do this, United states will teach the world, using this as a soft power and europeans won’t be eared. Diversity is important, different point of views will lead to a more interesting future.

    We are living one of the most important revolution Internet as allowed and it is really fascinating!

  • Going back to handmade motion graphics

    There is a real trend to go back doing stuff with our own hands. This trend is coming stronger and stronger and we can see it in many different areas from 3D printers, fablab, Etsy and also, as you can see in this video from Greg Barth, in motion graphics :

    Greg Barth Demo Reel from Greg Barth on Vimeo.

  • Say OUI to france

    Etonnante campagne de communication ciblant les investisseurs étrangers. Du beau boulot même si certaines stats étonnent : 80 % des français heureux d’aller au boulot le matin ??


    Did You Know? Invest in France Agency par AFII

  • Brosmind + UpperFirst + OFFF2012 = WOW!

    Voici la vidéo réalisée par les deux frères barcelonais (et barjots) de Brosmind et les nordiques d’UpperFirst pour les crédits de fin de la conférence OFFF 2012 qui se tenait ce week end à Barcelone.


    Plus d’infos : le site de brosmind & celui du studio Upper First

  • TEDxSummit introduction

    Voici la vidéo d’introduction réalisée pour l’introduction du TEDxSummit par les néerlandais de We Are Pi, magique !

    Et pour découvrir comment la magie opère :

    Le théme de l’arabesque était parfaitement exécuté et en cohérence avec le lieu, Doha, au Quatar. Un clin d’oeil moderne à la tradition graphique du pays qui nous accueillait. Nous avons eu l’opportunité d’assister à un workshop organisé par une personne de l’agence We are pi sur le thème du branding des évènements TEDx, ils sont vraiment talentueux.

    La vidéo était projeté avant chaque conférence par quatre vidéoprojecteurs 4k sur un écran géant dont les arêtes avaient été découpées en forme hexagonales afin de correspondre aux bbords de la vidéo à la perfection. Le détail qui tue !